Debt Collection

Here at Hughes Parry Solicitors we are experienced at carrying out debt recovery work.

It would be wrong to think of non-payment of debt and debt recovery as a problem for the banks and finance companies. It can and may affect all of us at some time. You may own your own business and your invoices have not been paid. You may have personally lent money to a friend or family member in good faith and they have not repaid you. Whatever the circumstances, if debt recovery is the issue, Hughes Parry Solicitors can help.

Tim Wilson is the solicitor at Hughes Parry Solicitors who heads our debt recovery team. Tim can be contacted on 01352  712422 or via email. Tim is based at 35 High Street, Holywell.

What we can do for you:

  • Write a Letter before Action (last chance to pay before proceedings).
  • Make telephone calls to the debtor on your behalf.
  • Deal with any incoming calls from the debtor.
  • Forward all messages or correspondence from the debtor.
  • Receive payments from the debtor.
  • Remind you when any deadlines for payment expire and advise you on next steps to be taken.
  • Advise you on proceedings for bankruptcy or winding up a company.

 We are also able to:

  • Commence court proceedings anywhere in England and Wales (please contact us for details on proceedings in other countries).
  • Arrange service of the claim form on the debtor as necessary.
  • Obtain judgment (in undefended cases).
  • Take appropriate enforcement steps to secure payment.
  • Advise on any aspect of the case.
  • Provide detailed reporting at any stage as required.
  • Send you a monthly progress report if required.
  • Advise on legal and procedural steps where the debt is or may be defended.

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